Bringing safe and clean drinking water to the doorstep

Sustain Plus enhances communities’ access to safe and clean drinking water by bridging the energy and infrastructure gaps in the existing drinking water supply system. It facilitates effective implementation of community-managed DRE-based integrated drinking water schemes that not only support the government’s efforts in reaching water equitably to all households at their doorstep but also help in recharging and harvesting water sources sustainably.

Need Gaps

According to National Sample Survey’s Office (NSSO) report (76th round), only one in every five households has access to piped water connection. 58.3% of households in rural India still rely on hand pumps, tube wells, and public taps for their daily source of water. 48.6% of all rural households have no access to safe drinking water (without contamination) throughout the year.

Lack of access to safe, clean and reliable source of water affects women and children inadvertently as they bear the responsibility of collecting water daily. It results in increase in dropouts and/or decrease in attendance as children are forced to spend time collecting water. It also increases drudgery for women and girls who sometimes have to travel a distance to access clean water.