What We Do

India is the third largest energy market globally. However, inequitable access to reliable and affordable energy, especially in rural India, remains a critical impediment to rural development and sustainable livelihoods.

Sustain Plus works at the intersection of sustainable development and renewable energy with an aim to enhance rural productivity, income, health and development through affordable and appropriate DRE solutions. 

To achieve this, Sustain Plus collaborates with multiple stakeholders to enable scalable community-centric solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of different geographies and local contexts.

As DRE solutions are integrated into existing local contexts and value chains, their long-term benefits and effectiveness are ensured through an ecosystem development approach, wherein other factors and processes are also strengthened to enhance the overall sustainability and viability of these solutions. These include the development of local service networks, access to affordable finance, market linkages, institution building, last mile connectivity and logistics and capacity building. Sustain Plus also ensures that communities own and invest in the technology solutions, thereby, empowering them to control operations and extract maximum value over time.

Sustain Plus’s work is spread across a range of productive value chains and activities in rural and tribal communities to improve processes and services, create new entrepreneurial opportunities, and accelerate the availability of modern technology solutions that safeguard the environment. Within this mandate, Sustain Plus focuses on 6 prominent solution themes: