Sustain Plus Energy Foundation

With its focus on SDG 7 – to ensure affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for development, Sustain Plus is a multi-stakeholder collaborative platform that aggregates global philanthropic capital and allocates it to the most impactful and scalable projects that use clean energy solutions for development across countries and continents. It seeks to leverage the power of decentralised renewable energy to catalyse social, economic and environmental impact with an aim to drive prosperity and well-being in a more equitable and meaningful scale.

Sustain Plus is expected to evolve into an open platform for collective action with a clear focus on capital aggregation, allocation, programme management and knowledge sharing across organisations and geographies. Conceived and bootstrapped by CInI, SELCO Foundation and Social Alpha, the platform has been kickstarted with support from IKEA Foundation and Tata Trusts.

Sustain Plus solutions leverage the investments and learnings of founding partners by replicating these solutions at scale. Sustain Plus engages with diverse partners and stakeholders to ensure development through access to affordable and sustainable energy solutions.

Sustain Plus Vision

Empower communities by ensuring access to decentralised energy solutions, enabling sustainable livelihoods & enhancing access to health, education and other public goods.

Engagement Models

Piloting innovative solutions

Pilot and experiments around problem statements are supported to test innovative technology-based solution. Deployment and impact created is measured closely for assessing proof of concept.

Theme-based scale-up programmes

Validated technologies are scaled up, replicating and contextualising business models, to address problem areas in the clean energy space, thereby creating a significant irreversible impact.

Geography and Approach

With active projects across 16 states, Sustain Plus is working collaboratively with more than 50 on-ground partners to pilot and scale renewable energy solutions. Sustain Plus will demonstrate the potential of renewable energy solutions to create sustainable livelihoods and leverage the networks of its founding members and partners to reach 30 million people.

Founding Partners

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