Rural Micro-Business

Rural entrepreneurship has a crucial role to play in strengthening the rural economy, generating livelihoods, and impacting remote and underserved communities.

Sustain Plus is driven towards enabling access to sustainable energy for unlocking micro-entrepreneurship-based livelihood solutions.

Our work addresses energy gaps negatively affecting productivity and income, by strengthening the ecosystem at a decentralised scale for local ownership of sustainable solutions. We encourage businesses to re-imagine, design, develop and implement their “new normal”. Clean energy technologies are coupled with financial and social innovations making them affordable and sustainable, catalysing local employment opportunities and making essential services available at the local level. Pointedly with a gender transformative focus, our programs support women to own, expand and diversify their business.

Our work in micro-entrepreneurship is taking root in enterprises involved in production and manufacturing, services, as well as retail. Off-grid solar power at these enterprises has immense potential to increase productivity, efficiency, and sustainability outcomes, as well as reduce drudgery and operation expenses.

Stories from the field